From 17 Jun 2018 to 16 Jul 2018

02 Jul 2018

18:42 Feature #1198: Non-standard DegRevLex (NonStdDegRevLex, WDegRevLex)
Here are some thoughts about the design/impl.
If the GradingDim is 1 then we have a vector of positive "weights": ...
John Abbott

28 Jun 2018

11:36 Bug #1199: GCD bug with high degree arg
After discovering the _magic prime_ it became clear that the problem is in the computation of the syzygies (the polyn... Anna Maria Bigatti
11:00 Bug #1199 (In Progress): GCD bug with high degree arg
I wrote a program to try all primes in increasing order. None up to about 12000. Then restarted from 30000, and fou... John Abbott
10:54 Bug #1199 (In Progress): GCD bug with high degree arg
... John Abbott

27 Jun 2018

15:17 Feature #1198: Non-standard DegRevLex (NonStdDegRevLex, WDegRevLex)
In particular we should have a dedicated @OrdvArith@ implementation for it.
This should make @exponents@ faster, a...
Anna Maria Bigatti
15:08 Feature #1198 (New): Non-standard DegRevLex (NonStdDegRevLex, WDegRevLex)
There is a family of cases where a "DegRevLex" ordering with "non-standard" weights is useful.
This can be implement...
John Abbott

26 Jun 2018

15:25 Feature #82: C++11 compatibility questions
I read somewhere on the internet that it is probably better to jump straight to C++14 rather than to C++11; the argum... John Abbott
14:40 Feature #1197 (New): IsZeroDet: new fn
Implement @IsZeroDet@ which should allow a fast modular impl. John Abbott
14:38 Slug #691: Matrix determinant over ZZ
CoCoALib currently uses DetByCRT rather than the "clever" algorithms used in CoCoA-4.7. This issue should be about p... John Abbott
14:32 Slug #1110 (Feedback): Determinant of matrix over QQ (whose entries are actually integers)
Done as part of work on Habilitationsschrift.
Now both dets take about 1.8s
John Abbott
11:51 Design #1124: Move examples directory into doc
One problem is that the @Makefile@ in the @examples/@ directory states explicitly that all executables depend on @CoC... John Abbott
11:31 Support #1196 (New): Split MatrixOps
Consider splitting the file @MatrixOps.C@ into subfiles with the same prefix. Currently it is over 2000 lines long.
John Abbott
11:29 Slug #1187: Matrix rank is slow (over QQ)
Rank is slower than det even for matrices over a small finite field.
For example a random 500x500 matrix: det takes ...
John Abbott

25 Jun 2018

00:43 Support #1195 (New): Release: CoCoALib-0.99580 (together with CoCoA-5.2.4)
Anna Maria Bigatti
00:39 Design #1177: File names: use "SparsePolyOps" prefix for pertinent files
I think the content of @SparsePolyOps.C@ (the original ;-) should be now moved into @SparsePolyOps-RingElem.C@ becaus... Anna Maria Bigatti
00:31 Feature #1178 (Feedback): New function: myPrimaryDecomposition_0dim
Done a long time ago, in april 2018 Anna Maria Bigatti
00:28 Slug #1009 (Feedback): coefficients for MinPoly e Frobenius
Done a long time ago, april 2018 Anna Maria Bigatti
00:27 Feature #901 (Feedback): New function: PrimaryDecomposition0 in CoCoALib
Done a long time ago, in april 2018 (for implementing factor on algebraic extensions). Anna Maria Bigatti
15:28 Feature #4 (In Progress): Squarefree GCD-free basis
Is this not subsumed by issue #259?
The only remaining question is the "squarefree" part. We could just make the ...
John Abbott
15:25 Feature #259: Squarefree(?) GCD-free basis
I have checked in the code. There is doc, but no tests.
I am not happy with the class names: *@GCDFreeBasis_BigIn...
John Abbott
15:06 Design #1159 (Closed): Add global enum "verify/DontVerify"
This issue has been subsumed by #1167. Closing! John Abbott
14:37 Design #1182 (Feedback): "mod" for BigInt
Anna has not complained, so moving to *@Feedback@*.
John Abbott
14:10 Feature #1154 (Feedback): SmallFpImpl: new ctor arg to say do-not-check-that-arg-is-prime
I think that @SmallPrime@ solves this matter reasonably well. It does require making 2 ctors (copy-and-paste), but t... John Abbott

21 Jun 2018

22:39 Feature #259 (Resolved): Squarefree(?) GCD-free basis
I have impls of GCDFreeBasis for RingElem and for BigInt.
Not yet checked in/ Not tests; one simple example.
John Abbott
15:39 Support #1193: Naming convention mistakes
In *@BigIntOps@* there are @quorem@ and @divexact@ (names "inherited" from GMP); but there is also @QuoRem@ in anothe... John Abbott
15:38 Support #1193 (New): Naming convention mistakes
I have noticed some functions whose names do not follow the naming conventions: _e.g._ *@quorem@* and *@divexact@*
John Abbott

19 Jun 2018

10:56 Slug #1187: Matrix rank is slow (over QQ)
A potentially fast heuristic is to reduce mod p and compute the rank of the reduced matrix. This should be quick; if... John Abbott
10:50 Slug #1187 (New): Matrix rank is slow (over QQ)
The rank function is too slow:... John Abbott

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