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28 Jun 2018

11:36 CoCoALib 2.00 hours (Bug #1199 (In Progress): GCD bug with high degree arg)
11:36 CoCoALib Bug #1199: GCD bug with high degree arg
After discovering the _magic prime_ it became clear that the problem is in the computation of the syzygies (the polyn...

27 Jun 2018

15:17 CoCoALib 0.30 hour (Feature #1198 (New): Non-standard DegRevLex (NonStdDegRevLex, WDegRevLex))
15:17 CoCoALib Feature #1198: Non-standard DegRevLex (NonStdDegRevLex, WDegRevLex)
In particular we should have a dedicated @OrdvArith@ implementation for it.
This should make @exponents@ faster, a...

25 Jun 2018

00:43 CoCoALib Support #1195 (New): Release: CoCoALib-0.99580 (together with CoCoA-5.2.4)
00:39 CoCoALib Design #1177: File names: use "SparsePolyOps" prefix for pertinent files
I think the content of @SparsePolyOps.C@ (the original ;-) should be now moved into @SparsePolyOps-RingElem.C@ becaus...
00:39 CoCoALib 0.30 hour (Design #1177 (In Progress): File names: use "SparsePolyOps" prefix for pertinent files)
00:31 CoCoALib 2.00 hours (Feature #1178 (Feedback): New function: myPrimaryDecomposition_0dim)
00:31 CoCoALib Feature #1178 (Feedback): New function: myPrimaryDecomposition_0dim
Done a long time ago, in april 2018
00:28 CoCoALib 2.50 hours (Slug #1009 (Feedback): coefficients for MinPoly e Frobenius)

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