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22 Feb 2018

16:55 CoCoALib 0.50 hour (Design #1159 (New): Add global enum "verify/DontVerify")
16:55 CoCoALib Design #1159: Add global enum "verify/DontVerify"
John says it might be better to have a "reliability flag", which takes "0" as "certain".
I am thinking of the functi...
16:32 CoCoALib Design #1159 (New): Add global enum "verify/DontVerify"
should we have a global enum for "verify/DontVerify"?
this could be a pervasive feature in cocoalib.
16:27 CoCoALib Feature #1158 (New): New function: MinPolyQuotHeuristic
In our applications a wron Minimal polinomial can be detected (we proved that if wrong, the degree is too low).
So w...

21 Feb 2018

08:43 CoCoA-5 Bug #1157: FactorAlgExt
Missing coefficient:...

16 Feb 2018

09:08 CoCoA-5 0.20 hour (Bug #1152 (Resolved): Release: problems with sed)
09:08 CoCoA-5 Bug #1152: Release: problems with sed
There is a problem now.... I cannot remember and find where sed is called....
08:57 CoCoA-5 Bug #1152: Release: problems with sed
John Abbott wrote:
> *(A)* The simplest solution is to call @sed@ directly without using its full path:
> * *@+++@*...

03 Feb 2018

08:08 CoCoA-5 Feature #1153 (New): New function: gin for algebraic extensions
Think of theory and implement @gin@ for algebraic extensions
07:40 CoCoA-5 Bug #1152 (Resolved): Release: problems with sed
For some compilations there are problems with the path for @sed@.

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