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Add global enum "verify/DontVerify"

Added by Anna Maria Bigatti 5 months ago. Updated 25 days ago.

Data Structures
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22 Feb 2018
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should we have a global enum for "verify/DontVerify"?
this could be a pervasive feature in cocoalib.

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#1 Updated by Anna Maria Bigatti 5 months ago

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John says it might be better to have a "reliability flag", which takes "0" as "certain".
I am thinking of the function MinPolyModular, so with 0 it would verify the answer, otherwise it would apply the desired level of checking to the rational reconstruction of the coefficients.

#2 Updated by John Abbott 5 months ago

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After speaking to Anna...
  • a "boolean" interface is easy to understand (and simple to use)
  • a more sophisticated interface would need to be well documented to be useful (e.g. NTL uses a boolean interface for probabilistic determinant)
  • it would be nice to have a "universal scheme" for CoCoALib (e.g. a parameter to be used by all fns which offer an optional "fast heuristic" mode)

It may be possible to have a sophisticated interface which can also be used as if it were a boolean one: I am thinking about the method I used for specifying the GMPAllocator when creating the GlobalManager. The user can see it as just a flag, or can specify a parameter along with the flag.

#3 Updated by John Abbott 4 months ago

  • Related to Design #950: factor and SmoothFactor for integers added

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Close this issue and refer to #1167?

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This issue has been subsumed by #1167. Closing!

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