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Improvement: how to sort QuotientBasis?

Added by Anna Maria Bigatti over 1 year ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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28 Mar 2017
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QuotientBasis returns a list of power-products ordered by increasing lex (independently of the ordering in the ring).
This is slightly confusing for a human user.
However, calling sorted(QB) may tak considerably longer (100x) than computing the QB itself.

Can we make a sorted version without too much overhead? and/or make a new function SortedQuotientBasis(I) faster than sorted(QuotientBasis(I))?


#1 Updated by Anna Maria Bigatti over 1 year ago

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#2 Updated by John Abbott over 1 year ago

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First we should decide what the public interface is to be.
  • One possibility is to have 2 fns QuotientBasis and QuotientBasisSorted
  • another possibility is to have an optional 2nd arg QuotientBasis(I) and QuotientBasis(I, InIncreasingOrder)

A first impl of the "sorted" version should simply call the unsorted version, and then sort the result. It might be slow, but will surely be correct.

A probably better way to implement the "sorted" version is to replace all calls to "concat" by calls to merge (after checking that the args to merge are correctly ordered themselves). I've no idea how much faster that might be than simply sorting the result of the original impl. The main problem seems to be that there would be considerable duplication of code :-(

#3 Updated by John Abbott 12 months ago

As far as I can tell QuotientBasisSorted is already implemented in CoCoA-5.
Should it be moved into CoCoALib?

Since C++ has a sort fn, this ought to be very easy... (famous last words?)

#4 Updated by John Abbott 10 months ago

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I have just moved the impl from CoCoALibSupplement.C (what was it doing there?!?) to SparsePolyRing.C

There is already CoCoA-5 doc.
I have written 1 line of doc for CoCoA-5 ; strangely this is in ideal.txt even though the source code is in SparsePolyRing.C

Should there be an example (or test) separate from that for QuotientBasis?

#5 Updated by John Abbott 8 months ago

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