Bug #1190

HilbertBasisKer: SEGV (again)

Added by John Abbott 27 days ago. Updated 21 days ago.

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19 Jun 2018
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3.51 h
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I get SEGV with the following input:

N := 9;
M := mat([[ random(-99,99) | j in 1..2*N] | i in 1..N]);
H := HilbertBasisKer(M);

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Related to CoCoA-5 - Bug #226: HilbertBasis segvClosed2012-09-10


#1 Updated by John Abbott 27 days ago

CoCoA should never SEGV --> high priority.

Also it would help to make HilbertBasisKer interruptible.

#2 Updated by Anna Maria Bigatti 25 days ago

  • Related to Bug #226: HilbertBasis segv added

#3 Updated by Anna Maria Bigatti 21 days ago

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The problem is that this is old C code (toric), thus it impossible to make it interruptible (we can interrupt it, of course, but I don't know how to clean the memory state)

In this example the input translated into the C data type gave a biterm with negative degree (entries are int). I do not dare changing int into long, but I added a check so that any exponent has upper limit maxint/numindets (functions PPs2Binom and MatKerToBListAndIndices in $TmpToric.C$).

#4 Updated by Anna Maria Bigatti 21 days ago

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Added test. Checked in.

#5 Updated by Anna Maria Bigatti 21 days ago

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  • Estimated time changed from 3.01 h to 3.51 h

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