Bug #1087

EmacsUI: get error "wrong-type-argument processp nil" when doing M-x cocoa5 when executable does not exist

Added by John Abbott about 1 year ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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04 Jul 2017
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I tried starting CoCoA-5 inside a fresh emacs by typing M-x cocoa5, and got the error Wrong type argument processp nil.

The actual problem is that the CoCoA-5 executable does not exist. Supposedly this is checked in cocoa5-make-shell (see line 1286 in cocoa5.el, but for some reason I do not get the error message which it should produce.

Investigate and rectify.


#1 Updated by John Abbott about 1 year ago

Emacs version is 24.5.1 running on Fedora 24 Linux.

#2 Updated by John Abbott about 1 year ago

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A simple workaround is to put a short sleep in the cocoa5 script so that the CoCoA-5 buffer still has a process.

Is this adequate?

#3 Updated by John Abbott about 1 year ago

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I have added a 1 sec sleep when the cocoa5 script prints out an error message.
This seems not to be inconvenient for an interactive user, and works around the Emacs problem.
Perhaps the emacs code should be changed slightly anyway? But I'm too busy now.

#4 Updated by John Abbott 8 months ago

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Closing as it seems OK. (no point in investing more time)

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