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This is a very informal page which collects some tutorials and projects.
We hope that this will be useful for CoCoA beginners, Computer Algebra students and lecturers.

If you would like to add to this list, please write to Anna Bigatti (bigattiaatadima.unige.it)


CoCoALib Mini-course 2017 (Kassel)
John Abbott: Basics of C++ and CoCoAlib programming
John Abbott: CoCoALib types and a challenging exercise
Anna M. Bigatti: "My little project with CoCoALib", ex-PrimaryDecomposition0Dim.C, ex-IsPrimary0dim.C



Hokkaido Summer Institute,
Hyperplane arrangements and computations with CoCoA (Sapporo, Japan, August 2018)
John Abbott:
Anna M. Bigatti: Bigatti1.pdf, Bigatti1.cocoa5, Bigatti2.pdf, Bigatti2.cocoa5, Bigatti3.pdf, Bigatti3.cocoa5, Bigatti4.pdf, Bigatti4.cocoa5
Elisa Palezzato: TutHokkaido2.cocoa5, TutHokkaido5.cocoa5
Michele Torielli: TutHokkaido4.cocoa5, TutHokkaido5.cocoa5


Commutative Algebra Seminars in Genova (June 2017)
Anna M. Bigatti: CoCoA: what's new (from year N) (cocoa5)
AAA -- Algebraic Algorithms and Applications (Pisa, April 2017)
Anna M. Bigatti: A brief history of Gr\"obner Bases (with CoCoA) (cocoa5) (pdf for pre-viewing)


ICMS 2016 (Berlin)
John Abbott, Anna M. Bigatti:
poster (pdf)
Tutorial (pdf), A brief overview of CoCoA-5 on the topic "Groebner Bases" (cocoa5)
New, Practical Algorithms for Implicitization of Hypersurfaces (pdf), Fault Tolerant Rational Reconstruction (pdf)
COCOA School 2016 (IIT Gandhinagar)
Course: Computational Commutative and Linear Algebra
Lorenzo Robbiano: Robbiano2016.pdf
Anna M. Bigatti: Tutorials tut-CoCoLA1.cocoa5, tut-CoCoLA2.cocoa5, tut-CoCoLA3.cocoa5, tut-CoCoLA4.cocoa5


Current Trends on Groebner Bases - The 50th Anniversary of Groebner Bases - Osaka, Japan, July 2015
Anna M. Bigatti: CoCoA and CoCoALib: Groebner bases for everyone (slides) (video) (cocoa5)
ISSAC 2015 - Bath, UK, July 2015
John Abbott: What is new in CoCoA5 (slides)


Computer Algebra course 2014, Genova
John Abbott: 10 lab sessions
ICMS 2014 The 4th International Congress on Mathematical Software - Seoul
John Abbott: What's new in CoCoA and CoCoALib (slides) (cocoa5)
Anna M. Bigatti: Integration with LibNormaliz (slides) (cocoa5)
Anna M. Bigatti, Christof Söger: CoCoA tutorial (cocoa5) (normaliz+cocoa5)
AIME@CZ - Czech workshop on applied mathematics in engineering, March 2014, Prague
John Abbott, Anna M. Bigatti: CoCoALib: a C++ library from Algebra to Applications (slides) BigattiPrague2014.cocoa5


EACA school, June 2013, Valladolid
Anna M. Bigatti: Introduction to CoCoA-5
Emanuela De Negri: Tutorial Koszul
CoCoA school, June 2013, Osnabrück
Anna M. Bigatti, Christof Söger, Maria-Laura Torrente: Tutorials