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Older Publications

Abbott, Bigatti CoCoALib: A C++ Library for Computations in Commutative Algebra... and Beyond     BibTeX
Bigatti, Caboara, Robbiano Computing Inhomogeneous Groebner Bases     BibTeX
Kreuzer, Robbiano The Geometry of Border Bases     BibTeX


Caboara, Caruso, Traverso Block Lattice Polly Cracker: design, implementation and security     BibTeX
Caboara, Faridi Odd-Cycle-Free Facet Complexes and the Koenig property     BibTeX
Kreuzer, Poulisse, Robbiano From Oil Fields to Hilbert Schemes     BibTeX
Robbiano On border basis and Groebner basis schemes     BibTeX
Robbiano Giacimenti petroliferi e modelli polinomiali     BibTeX
Torrente Applications of Algebra in the Oil Industry   abstract BibTeX


Abbott, Fassino, Torrente Stable Border Bases for Ideals of Points     BibTeX
Caboara, Caruso Group Action of Groebner Bases of Saturated Zero-Dimensional Binomial Ideals     BibTeX
Caboara, Caruso, Traverso Groebner bases For public key cryptography     BibTeX
Caboara, Caruso, Traverso Block lattice polly cracker, theory and practice     BibTeX
Caboara, Caruso, Traverso Heterogeneous lattice metrics and the NTWO cryptosystem     BibTeX
Kreuzer, Robbiano Deformations of border bases     BibTeX


Abbott, Bigatti, Caboara, Robbiano CoCoA: Computations in Commutative Algebra     BibTeX
Abbott, Fassino, Torrente Thinning Out Redundant Empirical Data     BibTeX
Robbiano Algebra Lineare per tutti     BibTeX


Abbott Challenges in Computational Commutative Algebra   abstract BibTeX
Abbott The Design of CoCoALib   abstract BibTeX
Abbott, Bigatti CoCoA: Computations in Commutative Algebra     BibTeX
Caboara, Faridi, Selinger Simplicial cycles and the computation of symplicial trees     BibTeX
Caboara, Faridi, Selinger Mathematical software---{ICMS} 2006     BibTeX
Perdon, Anderlucci, Caboara Efficient algorithms for geometric control of systems over rings     BibTeX
Robbiano Three friends and computer algebra     BibTeX


Abbott, Kreuzer, Robbiano Computing zero-dimensional Schemes     BibTeX
Bigatti, Conca, Robbiano Generic Initial Ideals and Distractions dvi abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Faridi, Selinger Tree Computations     BibTeX
Kreuzer, Robbiano Computational Commutative Algebra 2     BibTeX


Caboara, Kreuzer, Robbiano Efficiency Computing Minimal Sets of Critical Pairs dvi   BibTeX


Bigatti, Geramita Level Algebras, Lex Segments and Minimal Hilbert Functions dvi cocoa abstract BibTeX
Kehrein, Kreuzer, Robbiano An Algebraist's View on Border Bases dvi   BibTeX
Kreuzer, Robbiano Basic Tools for Computing in Multigraded Rings dvi   BibTeX
Perdon, Caboara, Peroli Algorithms for geometric control of systems over rings     BibTeX


Caboara, Kreuzer, Robbiano Minimal Sets of Critical Pairs cocoa cocoa abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Mora The Chen-Reed-Helleseth-Truong Decoding Algorithm and the Gianni-Kalkbrenner Shape Theorem     BibTeX


Bazzotti, Dalzotto, Robbiano Remarks on Geometric Theorem Proving dvi abstract BibTeX
Bigatti, Robbiano Toric Ideals dvi abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Robbiano Families of Estimable Terms dvi abstract BibTeX
Robbiano Zero-Dimensional Ideals, or, The inestimable Value of Estimable Terms dvi abstract BibTeX


Abbott Sparse Squares dvi abstract BibTeX
Abbott, Bigatti, Kreuzer, Robbiano Computing Ideals of Points dvi abstract BibTeX
Abbott, Shoup, Zimmermann Factorization in Z[x]: the searching phase dvi abstract BibTeX
Kreuzer, Robbiano Computational Commutative Algebra 1     BibTeX


Bigatti, La Scala, Robbiano Computing Toric Ideals cocoa abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Silvestri A Classification of compatible module ordering   abstract BibTeX
De Dominicis, Kreuzer Kähler differentials for points in Pn     BibTeX


Abbott Univariate Factorization over the Integers dvi abstract BibTeX
Caboara Optimization of basic algorithms In Commutative Algebra dvi abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Riccomagno An algebraic computational approach to the identifiability of Fourier Models   abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Traverso Efficient algorithms for ideal operations   abstract BibTeX
Capani, Niesi The CoCoA 3 Framework for a Family of Buchberger-like Algorithms   abstract BibTeX
Robbiano Gröbner Bases and Statistic dvi abstract BibTeX
Robbiano, Rogantin Full Factorial Designs and Distracted Fractions   abstract BibTeX
Robbiano, Sweedler Ideal and Subalgebra Coefficients dvi abstract BibTeX
Robbiano, Valla Hilbert Poincaré Series of Bigraded Algebras dvi abstract BibTeX


Bigatti Computation of Hilbert-Poincaré Series dvi abstract BibTeX
Bigatti, Robbiano Borel Sets and Sectional Matrices dvi abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Conti, Traverso Yet Another Algorithm for Ideal Decomposition   abstract BibTeX
Caboara, Robbiano Families of Ideals in Statistics   abstract BibTeX
Capani, De Dominicis, Niesi, Robbiano Computing Minimal Finite Free Resolutions   abstract BibTeX


Abbott, VanLeeuwen, Strotmann Objectives of OpenMath     BibTeX
Caboara, De Dominicis, Robbiano Multigraded Hilbert Functions and Buchberger Algorithm   abstract BibTeX
Capani, De Dominicis Web Algebra   abstract BibTeX
Capani, Niesi, Robbiano Some Features of CoCoA 3 dvi abstract BibTeX
Abbott, Dalmas, Dewar, Diaz, Gray, Sheridan, Strotmann, Vorkoetter OpenMath Communications Committee Report     BibTeX
Robbiano Review of the Books : Gröbner Bases: A Computational Approach to Commutative Algebra by Becker and Weispfenning and An Introduction to Gröbner Bases by Adams and Loustaunau     BibTeX


Bigatti Aspetti Combinatorici e Computazionali dell'Algebra Commutativa dvi abstract BibTeX
Capani, Niesi CoCoA 3.0 User's Manual dvi   BibTeX
Capani, Niesi, Robbiano CoCoA, a system for doing Computations in Commutative Algebra     BibTeX
Kreuzer, Robbiano On Maximal Cayley-Bacharach Schemes     BibTeX


Bigatti, Geramita, Migliore Geometric Consequences of Extremal Behavior in a Theorem of Macaulay dvi   BibTeX


Bigatti Upper Bounds for the Betti Numbers of a Given Hilbert Function dvi   BibTeX
Bigatti, Conti, Robbiano, Traverso A "Divide and Conquer" Algorithm for Hilbert-Poincaré Series, Multiplicity and Dimension of Monomial Ideals dvi   BibTeX
Caboara A Dynamic Algorithm for Gröbner basis computation     BibTeX
Geramita, Kreuzer, Robbiano Cayley-Bacharach schemes and their canonical modules     BibTeX
Mora, Robbiano Points in affine and projective spaces     BibTeX
Niesi, Robbiano Disproving Hibi's Conjecture with CoCoA or  Projective Curves with bad Hilbert Functions     BibTeX


Alonso, Mora, Niesi, Raimondo Local parametrization of space curves at singular points     BibTeX
Alonso, Mora, Niesi, Raimondo An Algorithm for Computing Analytic Branches of Space Curves at Singular Points     BibTeX