For many years the team in Genova has been actively conducting research in Commutative Computer Algebra. Its main activities are focused on
  • theoretical progress in Computer Algebra
  • study and implementation of new algorithms for commutative polynomials and related structures
  • development of the system CoCoA and the C++ library CoCoALib
  • Team leader:
    Lorenzo ROBBIANO, Genova
    Programmers: CoCoALib/CoCoA 5 CoCoA 4
    John ABBOTT, Genova/Kassel -- (GoogleScholar), (ResearchGate) Chief Designer, Author, Maintainer Factorisation, Linear Algebra, Ideal of Points
    Anna M. BIGATTI, Genova -- (GoogleScholar), (ResearchGate) Author, Maintainer Hilbert Functions, Toric Ideals
    Massimo CABOARA, Pisa Buchberger-like Algorithms Ideals and Modules Operations
    Giovanni LAGORIO, Genova Parser and interpreter  
    Mario ALBERT, Kassel Janet Basis  
    Anders Nedergaard JENSEN, Aarhus link to GFan library  
    Elisa PALEZZATO, Genova/Hokkaido MinPolyQuot, Primary decomposition 0-dim, Factorization over algebraic extensions  
    Bjarke ROUNE, Google link to Frobby library  
    Eduardo SAENZ DE CABEZON, La Rioja Mayer Vietoris Trees  
    Christof SÖGER, Osnabrück link to Normaliz library  
    Maria-Laura TORRENTE, Genova Approx points  
    Former Members and contributors:  
    Alessandro Giovini   author
    Gianfranco NIESI   author
    Antonio CAPANI   author
    Dave PERKINSON   CoCoA Help System
    Alessandro POLVERINI, Volker AUGUSTIN, Arndt WILLS   CoCoA Graphical User Interface, MSWindows compilation
    A. Bigatti, L. Bazzotti, G. Dalzotto, D. La Macchia, F. Rossi, A. DelPadrone, S. DeFrancisci, L. Robbiano, M. Caboara, E. Carlini.   Packages' Authors. See the CoCoA Packages Page