CoCoA Packages


"contrib" packages

ALL the "contrib" packages are INCLUDED with the distribution of CoCoA-4.6 (they are in the directory packages/contrib/) :

How to use "contrib" packages

When you download a new or updated package, save it in the CoCoA-4.6 directory packages/contrib/.

To know how to use a package, run CoCoA and type $contrib/"package_name".Man(). This command gives the suggested alias for the package and the syntax, description and examples of the main functions.

To know the version of a package, run CoCoA and type $contrib/"package_name".About()

Starting from CoCoA-4.3:
  • all contributed packages are in the directory packages/contrib/
  • the extension is ".cpkg" [instead of ".pkg"].
  • most aliases for packages are predefined: type "Aliases()" to get the list.

    Starting fron CoCoA-4.2 the contributors names are no longer part of the name of their packages.
    (see examples below)

    EXAMPLES: Bug reports, questions, and suggestions should be sent to the authors.

    Description of the "contrib" packages