DOWNLOAD CoCoA-5 For Intel processors 64bit:
Emacs interface screenshots
  1. Download Emacs (we suggested Aquamacs)
  2. Download CoCoA-5: save the CoCoA-5 folder where you want, but NOT in the Desktop folder because Emacs doesn't seem to see it (no idea why!!)
  3. Configure the Emacs-CoCoA5 communication in this way:
    (for Emacs experts, please read at the bottom of this page)
    1. In the CoCoA-5 folder, open the folder emacs
    2. Double-click on ConfigEmacs.command: it's really quick!!

    Very likely you get this Error window:
    • "ConfigEmacs.command" can't be opened because
      it is from an unidentified developer

    Then you need to do these steps (just for the first time after downloading) for these 2 files:
    1. ConfigEmacs.command    (in folder CoCoA-5.X/emacs)
    2. CoCoAInterpreter    (in folder CoCoA-5.X/bin)
    Right-click (or Control-click) on the application icon and choose "Open" from the menu.
    (or "Open with" if Open does not work)

    Then you'll get another warning window:
    • macOS cannot verify the developer of "CoCoAInterpreter".
      Are you sure you want to open it?
      ................................... [Open]
    Then click the "Open" button.

    ALL DONE!! info & screenshots
Some MacOS tricks
Emacs experts

The configuration described above, by running ConfigEmacs.command, adds a few lines at the end of your .emacs file (creating it if necessary).

If you don't want this standard configuration (e.g you have already defined your own favourite Emacs options/colours/..) you might prefer to look at the file
and pick and copy into your .emacs only the settings you desire.