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3.9.11 Supported Packages
Several packages are supported by the CoCoA team. These packages contain functions that are not built into CoCoA because they are of a more specialized or experimental nature.

The supported packages are:
    algmorph.cpkg    -- K-algebra homomorphisms
    CantStop         -- the first game in CoCoA  ;-)
    conductor.cpkg   -- conductor sequence of points
    control.cpkg     -- tools for geometric Control Theory
    galois.cpkg      -- computing in a cyclic extension
    intprog.cpkg     -- integer programming
    invariants.cpkg  -- generators of an algebra of invariants
    matrixnormalform.cpkg  -- Smith normal form of a matrix
    primary.cpkg     -- primary ideals
    specvar.cpkg     -- special varieties
    stat.cpkg        -- statistics, design of experiment
    thmproving.cpkg  -- geometrical theorem proving
    typevectors.cpkg -- typevectors for ideals of points
All of these packages are included in /packages/contrib of the distribution of CoCoA. The packages are likely to be updated more often than CoCoA, itself, and new packages may appear; so it may be worth checking at the CoCoA distribution sites, e.g., http://cocoa.dima.unige.it/.

HOW TO USE A SUPPORTED PACKAGE (1) save the package in /packages/contrib/, if necessary; (2) to get the syntax, description, and examples of the main functions and a suggested alias for the package, type $contrib/"package_name".Man(); (3) to know the author and version number, type $contrib/"package_name".About();

or just XX.Man(); XX.About() where XX is a defined alias (type Aliases(); to get the list)

NOTE: The packages will load automatically when one of their functions is called (see Package Sourcing and Autoloading) for more information.

See below for more details about specific supported packages.