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2.2.2 Setting Up CoCoA for the Tutorial
If you are using an HTML version of the manual skip this section.

Some of the information from the online manual (and results of CoCoA calculations, in general) may scroll off of the screen. It is best to run CoCoA from a system that has scrollable windows with enough room to hold the output from each CoCoA command.

Under X-windows, you might try running CoCoA from an xterm started with the command xterm -sb -sl 512 (scroll bar enabled, saving 512 lines). In addition, you may want to increase the vertical size of your window, e.g., xterm -sb -sl 512 -geometry 80x40 under X-windows. Better yet: run CoCoA from a shell within Emacs.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SCROLLABLE WINDOWS: enter the command H.SetMore(); to receive output 20 lines at a time. As long as there is output waiting to be printed, you will be prompted to enter More(); to get the next 20 lines. You may type H.SetMore(N) in order to get N lines at a time instead of 20.

Enter H.Browse(); to continue. (The Browse command will be assumed from now on.)