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5.2.2 Quick Tips for Using Online Help
Here are some tips for using the online help system:

1. Searches are case insensitive and your search string need only be a substring of a keyword to make a match. Thus, for instance, to find the section of the manual entitled Commands and Functions for Polynomials, it is enough to type: ?for poly.

2. In general, it is best to start with short keywords in order to maximize the number of matches.

3. If you cannot find a match using ?, try using H.Command to search by type. For example, suppose you are looking for a command that will give the remainder of the division of one polynomial into another. Trying ?remainder produces no matches. You know that the command you are looking for operates on polynomials, so try H.Command("poly"). It produces a list of a little over 30 commands, among which will be listed:

* DivAlg -- division algorithm.

4. The command ??keyword, with two question marks, will list all matches even if keyword exactly matches a keyword for the online help system.