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4.6.1 Introduction to Vectors
An object of type VECTOR in CoCoA represents a vector of polynomials. If V is a vector and F is a polynomial, then the following are also vectors:
   +V, -V, F*V, V*F.
If V and W are vectors with the same number of components, then one may add and subtract V and W componentwise:
    V+W, V-W.

  Use R ::= QQ[x,y];
  V := Vector(x+1,y,xy^2);
Vector(x + 1, y, xy^2)
Vector(-x - 1, -y, -xy^2)
Vector(x^2 + x, xy, x^2y^2)
  W := Vector(x,y,x^2y^2-y);
Vector(x^2, xy - y, y)