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3.9.5 Global Aliases
A global alias for a package is formed by using the command Alias during a CoCoA session. (Local aliases are formed with the same command, but are declared inside a package. They are for use only within the package.) The syntax for Alias is Alias binding, ...,binding; where a binding has the form
  identifier := $PackageName
The function Aliases prints a list of the global aliases.


H      = $help
IO     = $io
GB     = $gb
HP     = $hp
HL     = $hilop
List   = $list
Mat    = $mat
Latex  = $latex
LaTeX  = $latex
Toric  = $toric
Coclib = $coclib
TT     = $abc
  Alias  My := $my_package,
        Old := $my_package/old_version;

HP      = $hp
BinRepr = $binrepr
SpPoly  = $sppoly
HL      = $hilop
H       = $help
My      = $my_package
Old     = $my_package/old_version
Note: global aliases cannot be used in function definitions. This is to force independence of context. Inside a function, one must use the complete package name. For example, $gb.Step(M)M is a valid statement inside a function, but not GB.Step(M).