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2.2.3 Entering Commands
While reading the tutorial it is highly recommended that you have a copy of CoCoA running in a separate window in order to play with the examples presented.

If you are using the CoCoA GUI (Graphical User Interface) then you should follow the dedicated link Graphical User Interface for entering commands.

To execute a CoCoA command, type it into the window, ending it with a semicolon, then press the return key or enter key (depending on your system). A command can run over several lines; CoCoA will wait for a semicolon before processing the command. Also, several commands may be written on a single line (each ending with a semicolon).

See the next section for examples.

IMPORTANT NOTES for Macintosh OS 9 (up to version 4.0):

1. Only the enter key (on the far right of the keyboard is the one to use) will function to enter CoCoA commands. Experiment.

2. To enter multiple lines, one needs to highlight the lines using the mouse before hitting the enter key. Otherwise, the enter key just feeds the line containing the cursor to CoCoA.