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4.3.5 Commands and Functions for Strings
The following are commands and functions for strings:
Ascii convert between characters and ascii code
Comp the N-th component of a list
DecimalStr convert rational number to decimal string
FloatStr convert rational number to a float string
Format convert object to formatted string
GetEnv access shell variables
IO.SprintTrunc convert to a string and truncate
IsIn check if one object is contained in another
Latex LaTeX formatting
MantissaAndExponent convert rational number to a float
Max, Min a maximum or minimum element of a sequence or list
More print a string, N lines at a time
NewId create a new identifier
OpenIString open input string
OpenOString open output string
Spaces return a string of spaces
Sprint convert to a string
Var function calls by reference, other complex referencing

For details look up each item by name. Online, try ?ItemName or H.Syntax("ItemName").