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4.11.3 Commands and Functions for Monomial Ideals
The following are commands and functions for monomial ideals:
AlexanderDual_Frobby5 Alexander Dual of monomial ideals
IrreducibleDecom_Frobby5 Irreducible decomposition of monomial ideals
IsLexSegment checks if an ideal is lex-segment
IsStable checks if an ideal is stable
IsStronglyStable checks if an ideal is strongly stable
MaximalStandardMonomials_Frobby5 Maximal standard monomials of monomial ideals
MayerVietorisTreeN1 N-1st Betti multidegrees of monomial ideals using Mayer-Vietoris trees
PrimaryDecomposition primary decomposition of an ideal

For details look up each item by name. Online, try ?ItemName or H.Syntax("ItemName").