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4.7.2 Commands and Functions for Matrices
The following are commands and functions for matrices:
Adjoint adjoint matrix
AlmostQR QR decomposition of a matrix
BlockMatrix create a block matrix
BringIn bring in objects from another ring
CharPoly characteristic polynomial of a matrix
ColMat single column matrix
ColumnVectors the list of column vectors of a matrix
DegLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
DegRevLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
Det the determinant of a matrix
DiagonalMat matrix with given diagonal
Eigenvectors eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix
HilbertBasis Hilbert basis for a monoid
Identity the identity matrix
Inverse multiplicative inverse
IsAntiSymmetric checks if a matrix is anti-symmetric
IsDiagonal checks if a matrix is diagonal
IsPositiveGrading check if a matrix defines a positive grading
IsSymmetric checks if a matrix is symmetric
IsTermOrdering check if a matrix defines a term-ordering
IsZero test whether an object is zero
Jacobian the Jacobian of a list of polynomials
Len the length of an object
LexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
LinKer, LinKerModP find the kernel of a matrix
LinSol find a solution to a linear system
List convert an expression into a list
MakeMatByRows, MakeMatByCols convert a list into a matrix
Mat convert an expression into a matrix
MatConcatAntiDiag create a simple block matrix
MatConcatDiag create a simple block matrix
MatConcatHor create a simple block matrix
MatConcatVer create a simple block matrix
Minors list of minor determinants of a matrix
NewMat create a new matrix
NumCols number of columns in a matrix
NumRows number of rows in a matrix
Pfaffian the Pfaffian of a skew-symmetric matrix
PositiveGrading4 extend a positive grading (for CoCoA-4 multigradings limitation)
Product the product of the elements of a list
RevLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
RowMat single row matrix
Size the amount of memory used by an object
Submat submatrix
Sum the sum of the elements of a list
TensorMat returns the tensor product of two matrices
Toric saturate toric ideals
Transposed the transposition of a matrix
XelMat matrices for std. term-orderings

For details look up each item by name. Online, try ?ItemName or H.Syntax("ItemName").