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5.4.2 CoCoA under Unix
Probably the best way to run CoCoA under Unix is through the editor emacs. In that way, one may easily edit or repeat commands. From within emacs, issue the command META-x shell. You will be presented with a Unix prompt within emacs. Change to the CoCoA directory, and start CoCoA. For more information about shell-mode, issue the emacs command Control-h m after the shell is started. (You may want to use the emacs command: META-x set-variable comint-scroll-show-maximum-output to set the variable comint-scroll-show-maximum-output to the value 1.)

If running CoCoA in an xterm, it may be best to first start the xterm with the command xterm -sb -sl 512 (scroll bar enabled, saving 512 lines). In addition, you may want to increase the vertical size of your window, e.g., xterm -sb -sl 512 -geometry 80x40. In that way, output that scrolls off of the screen is captured and easily reviewed.

At any rate, complicated CoCoA command sequences or any sequences that you may want to repeat should be saved in a text editor. The commands can then be executed by copying and pasting into a CoCoA window or using the Source command. In addition, you may want to keep a log of your CoCoA session using the command OpenLog .