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2.2.6 After the Tutorial
Browsing through the examples in this tutorial may enable you to solve your particular problems. If not, or to learn more about CoCoA in general, enter ? to learn more about CoCoA's online help. For example, you will see that H.Command("") gives a long annotated list of CoCoA commands, and ?keyword will look for information about keyword in the manual.

The GUI Help System (html) and the printable/browsable version (pdf) contain exactly the same information as the online help. You may choose your preferred format or exploit the different searching methods suiting best your need.

With the following section, the tutorial proper begins. To see a table of contents for the tutorial, enter H.Toc(1,2). The command H.Browse() will then continue with the tutorial, or you may give the title of a tutorial section to ? to skip to that section.