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Special characters equivalent to commands

M : N    M, N: MODULE of IDEAL
A >< B   A, B: LIST
<<       S:STRING
?        S:STRING
??       S:STRING
@A       A:TAGGED
A..B     A, B:INT or A, B:indeterminates

: is equivalent to Colon : M : N stands for Colon(M, N).

>< is equivalent to CartesianProduct, CartesianProductList : A >< B stands for CartesianProduct(A, B).

<< is the obsolescent equivalent to Source : << "myfile.cocoa" stands for Source "myfile.cocoa".

? is equivalent to Man : ? string stands for Man("string").

?? is equivalent to Man : ?? string stands for Man("string", 0).

@ is equivalent to Untagged : @A stands for Untagged(A).

.. is the Range Operator.

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