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print a string, N lines at a time


The purpose of this function is to print the string S without scrolling off of the screen.

The first form of this function stores the string S in a MoreDevice, then prints the first N lines from the MoreDevice where N is the integer stored in the global variable MEMORY.MoreCount. Subsequent calls to More print the next N lines from the MoreDevice, (each time removing the lines from the device) until the MoreDevice is empty. After each call to More a line with More(); is printed as long as the MoreDevice is not empty. This line is easily cut-and-pasted.

The user may set the number of lines to print with the command MEMORY.MoreCount := X, where X is an integer. The default is value is 20.

If E is any CoCoA object, the command Sprint(E) converts E into a string. The output may then be given to More for printing.

To use the more device with the online help system, see H.SetMore , H.UnSetMore .

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