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outputs the zero locus of a bivariate polynomial to a file

ImplicitPlotOn(F: POLY, Xrange: LIST, Yrange: LIST, PlotFileName: STRING)

This function is the same as ImplicitPlot with a fourth argument giving the name of the file to print on.

Note that the last argument is a STRING, the name of the file, and not a DEVICE, as for Print On .

  F := x^2 + y^2 - 100;
  G := (x^2-1)*(x^2-36)*(x^2-64)*(x^2-100);
  H := ((64y^2-36x^2)*(36y^2-64x^2)*(100x^2-y^2)-1) * F - 1000^2 * G;

  ImplicitPlotOn(F, [-16,16], [-16,16], "circle");
  ImplicitPlotOn(G, [-16,16], [-16,16], "lines");
  ImplicitPlotOn(H, [-16,16], [-16,16], "curve");
After having produced the plot files using CoCoA-4, start "gnuplot" and then give it the following commands:
  plot "circle"
  replot "lines"
  replot "curve"

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