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conditional statement

If B Then C EndIf
If B_1 Then C_1 Else C_2 EndIf
If B_1 Then C_1 Elsif B_2 Then C_2 Elsif ... EndIf
If B_1 Then C_1 Elsif B_2 Then C_2 Elsif ... Else C_r EndIf

D If B

where the B's are boolean expressions, the C's are command
sequences, and D is a single command.

If B_n is the first in the sequence of B_i's to evaluate to TRUE, then C_n is executed. If none of the B_i's evaluates to TRUE, nothing is done. The construct, Elsif B Then C can be repeated any number of times. Note: be careful not to type Elseif by mistake (it has an extraneous e).

In the last form, the single command D is performed if B evaluates to TRUE. NOTE: the use of this form is discouraged. It will probably disappear from future versions of CoCoA.

For a conditional expression, assignable to a variable, see Cond .

  Define Sign(A)
    If A > 0 Then Return 1
    Elsif A = 0 Then Return 0
    Else Return -1


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