Known Bugs and Limitations
This page lists only bugs in the user interface, not any bugs concerning the cocoa engine!

Every software has bugs. In fact, developers could improve software endlessly. But since the user wants to use the software eventually, it will eventually be distributed even if it is known to contain bugs.
The same is true for CoCoA. Here is a short list of known bugs (I am sure there are more :-):

  1. CoCoA freezes while browsing the online manual
    Due to a bug in the HTML renderer in Trolltech's Qt library upon which this user interface is base, the entire application may freeze while you are browsing the online help.
    Specifically, this has been known to occur when you browse the online help, copy something to the clipboard, leave the copied text marked and continue browsing. It has not occured when you copy to the clipboard and then deselect the text. This might be considered as a workaround.
    The bug has been reported to Trolltech and we hope it will be fixed in one of the next releases of the Qt library.
  2. WinCoCoA cannot display more than 2048 characters in one line
    This bug may occur when you run WinCoCoA on Windows 95. On these systems, buggy system libraries prevent the display of more that 2048 characters in one line. Therefore, when you set CoCoA to "No WordWrap" and calculate "Fact(1000);" not all digits of the result will be shown. However, you can still copy the digits. So they are there, but you can't see them :-). The only way to fix this is to update Windows or not to use "No WordWrap".
  3. Help browser
  4. Interactive Document
  5. Copying text
    The icon and menu entry for copying text is not active when the output window has the focus. This will be fixed in a future version of CoCoA. For the time being, use the mouse to mark the text you want to copy and press Ctrl + C or use the right mouse button to popup a context menu with edit features or save the whole output window using the Save Output As menu entry.