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Computations in Commutative Algebra
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CoCoA Reference Card
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CoCoA Help

CoCoA offers three help systems which are automatically generated from the same master file, therefore the information they contain is the same.

Online Help

This is the help system you get with any distribution of CoCoA. It is invoked by typing ?bla in your CoCoA session and it will tell you about any command and topic whose name contains bla as a substring.

This is a long [1M] single file. It is very convenient for printing (warning: more than 300 pages!) and for searching through.

This is the help system you get with the Graphical User Interface for CoCoA (the doc/ directory), but, being organized as a web site, it may be viewed with any browser.
[It also provides a manual for the Graphical User Interface]
download: tgz [210K],

xml source (25 March 2009 - for CoCoA-4.7.4)

This is the xml source which generates all manual formats.

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