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2.4.4 Commands and Functions returning STRING
ascii convert between characters and ascii code
CocoaPackagePath returns the path to the CoCoA packages
DecimalStr convert rational number to decimal string
ExternalLibs Linked external libraries
FloatStr convert rational number to a decimal string
fold inset newlines into a long string
format convert object to formatted string
GetEnv access shell variables
GetErrMesg returns the message associated with an error
GetLine read a line of input from an in-stream
IndetName the name of an indeterminate
latex LaTeX formatting
NewLine [OBSOLESCENT] [OBSOLESCENT] string containing a newline
operators, shortcuts Special characters equivalent to commands
packages list of loaded packages
PkgName returns the name of a package
ScientificStr convert integer/rational to a floating-point string
spaces return a string of spaces
sprint convert to a string
SprintTrunc convert to a string and truncate
tag returns the tag string of an object
TimeFrom time elapsed since a given moment