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2.6.3 Commands and Functions returning RECORD
AlmostQR QR decomposition of a matrix
ApproxPointsNBM Numerical Border Basis of ideal of points
CocoaLimits limits on exponents and ring characteristics
ContentFreeFactor factorization of multivariate polynomial into content-free factors
CRT Chinese Remainder Theorem
CRTPoly Chinese Remainder Theorem on polynomial coefficients
DivAlg division algorithm
eigenvectors eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix
factor factor a polynomial
FVector compute the f-vector of a top simplices list
IdealAndSeparatorsOfPoints ideal and separators for affine points
IdealAndSeparatorsOfProjectivePoints ideal and separators for points
IndetSymbols the names of the indeterminates in a PolyRing
LinearSimplify simplifying linear substitution for a univariate poly over QQ
MantissaAndExponent10 convert rational number to a float
MantissaAndExponent2 convert rational number to a binary float
NmzComputation flexible access to Normaliz
preimage0 preimage of a RINGELEM
PreprocessPts Reduce redundancy in a set of approximate points
PrimaryDecompositionCore0 primary decomposition of a 0-dimensional ideal
RatReconstructByContFrac, RatReconstructByLattice rational reconstruction from modular image
RatReconstructWithBounds deterministic rational reconstruction from modular image
RealRootRefine refine a real root of a univariate polynomial
record create a record
shape extended list of types involved in an expression
SimplexInfo Stanley-Reisner ideal, AlexanderDual complex, ideal of top simplices
SimplicialHomology compute the simplicial homology of a top simplices list
SmoothFactor find small prime factors of an integer
SqFreeFactor compute a squarefree factorization
StableBBasis5 Stable Border Basis of ideal of points
starting list functions starting with a given string
VersionInfo version and info about CoCoA