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2.13.3 Commands and Functions returning MAT
adj classical adjoint matrix (also known as adjugate)
apply apply homomorphism
ArrDerModule set of generators of the module of logarithmic derivations of an arrangement of hyperplanes
BlockMat create a block matrix
BlockMat2x2 create a block matrix with 4 matrices
ColMat single column matrix
ConcatAntiDiag create a simple block matrix
ConcatDiag create a simple block matrix
ConcatHor create a simple block matrix
ConcatHorList create a simple block matrix
ConcatVer create a simple block matrix
ConcatVerList create a simple block matrix
DiagMat matrix with given diagonal
ElimHomogMat matrix for elimination ordering
ElimMat matrix for elimination ordering
FrobeniusMat matrix of the Frobenius Map
GensAsCols, GensAsRows matrix of generators of a module
GFanGeneratorsOfLinealitySpace ...
GFanGeneratorsOfSpan ...
GFanGetFacets ...
GFanGetImpliedEquations ...
GFanGetUniquePoint ...
GFanRelativeInteriorPoint relative interior point of a cone
GradingMat matrix of generalized weights for indeterminates
HilbertMat create a Hilbert matrix over QQ
IdentityMat the identity matrix
inverse multiplicative inverse of matrix
jacobian the Jacobian of a list of polynomials
LawrenceMat Lawrence lifting of a matrix
LexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
LinKer find the kernel of a matrix
LinSolve find a solution to a linear system
MakeMatByRows, MakeMatByCols convert a list into a matrix
MakeTermOrd Make a term order matrix from a given matrix
matrix convert a list into a matrix
MultiArrDerModule set of generators of the module of logarithmic derivations of a multiarrangement of hyperplanes
MultiplicationMat multiplication matrix of a ringelem
NewMat Zero matrix
NewMatFilled matrix filled with value
NmzHilbertBasis Hilbert Basis of a monoid
OrdMat matrix defining a term-ordering
power compute a power
PrintSectionalMatrix print sectional matrix
RandomSparseNonSing01Mat random sparse non-singular (0,1) matrix
RandomUnimodularMat random unimodular matrix
RevLexMat matrix for rev lex term-ordering
RowMat single row matrix
rref reduced row echelon form of a matrix
StdDegLexMat matrix for std deg lex term-ordering
StdDegRevLexMat matrix for std deg rev lex term-ordering
submat submatrix
SylvesterMat the Sylvester matrix of two polynomials
TensorMat returns the tensor product of two matrices
transposed the transposition of a matrix
XelMat matrices for std. term-orderings
ZeroMat matrix filled with 0