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2.13.3 Commands and Functions returning MAT
adj classical adjoint matrix (also known as adjugate)
apply apply homomorphism
BlockMat create a block matrix
BlockMat2x2 create a block matrix with 4 matrices
ColMat single column matrix
ConcatAntiDiag create a simple block matrix
ConcatDiag create a simple block matrix
ConcatHor create a simple block matrix
ConcatHorList create a simple block matrix
ConcatVer create a simple block matrix
ConcatVerList create a simple block matrix
DiagMat matrix with given diagonal
ElimHomogMat matrix for elimination ordering
ElimMat matrix for elimination ordering
FrobeniusMat compute a matrix of the Frobenius Map
GensAsCols, GensAsRows matrix of generators of a module
GFanGeneratorsOfLinealitySpace ...
GFanGeneratorsOfSpan ...
GFanGetFacets ...
GFanGetImpliedEquations ...
GFanGetUniquePoint ...
GFanRelativeInteriorPoint relative interior point of a cone
GradingMat matrix of generalized weights for indeterminates
HilbertMat create a Hilbert matrix over QQ
IdentityMat the identity matrix
inverse multiplicative inverse of matrix
jacobian the Jacobian of a list of polynomials
LexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
LinKer find the kernel of a matrix
LinSolve find a solution to a linear system
MakeMatByRows, MakeMatByCols convert a list into a matrix
MakeTermOrd Make a term order matrix from a given matrix
matrix convert a list into a matrix
MultiplicationMat the multiplication matrix of a ringelem
NewMat Zero matrix
NewMatFilled matrix filled with value
NmzHilbertBasis Hilbert Basis of a monoid
OrdMat matrix defining a term-ordering
PrintSectionalMatrix print sectional matrix
RandomSparseNonSing01Mat random sparse non-singular (0,1) matrix
RandomUnimodularMat random unimodular matrix
RevLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
RowMat single row matrix
StdDegLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
StdDegRevLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
submat submatrix
sylvester the Sylvester matrix of two polynomials
TensorMat returns the tensor product of two matrices
transposed the transposition of a matrix
WeightsMatrix [OBSOLESCENT] [OBSOLESCENT] matrix of generalized weights for indeterminates
XelMat matrices for std. term-orderings
ZeroMat matrix filled with 0