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2.2.3 Commands and Functions returning INT
abs absolute value of a number
AffHilbertFn the affine Hilbert function
AsINT convert into an INT
binomial binomial coefficient
BinomialRepr, BinomialReprShift binomial representation of integers
Bool01 Convert a boolean to an integer
ceil round rational up to integer
characteristic the characteristic of a ring
ContFrac continued fraction quotients
count count the objects in a list
deg the standard degree of a polynomial or moduleelem
den denominator
depth Depth of a module
dim the dimension of a (quotient) ring
div quotient for integers
EulerTotient Euler's Totient function for positive integers
EvalHilbertFn evaluate the Hilbert function
factorial factorial function
FactorMultiplicity multiplicity of a factor of an integer
fibonacci n-th fibonacci number
floor round rational down to integer
FloorLog2, FloorLog10, FloorLogBase integer part of the logarithm
FloorRoot integer part of r-th root of an integer
FloorSqrt (truncated) square root of an integer
gcd greatest common divisor
GFanContainsPositiveVector ...
GFanGetAmbientDimension ...
GFanGetCodimension ...
GFanGetDimension ...
GFanGetDimensionOfLinealitySpace ...
GradingDim Number of components in weighted degree
HilbertFn the Hilbert function
IndetIndex index of an indeterminate
KroneckerSymbol Kronecker symbol of R mod M
lcm least common multiple
len the length of an object
LogCardinality extension degree of a finite field
LPosn the position of the leading power-product in a ModuleElem
MayerVietorisTreeN1 N-1st Betti multidegrees of monomial ideals using Mayer-Vietoris trees
MinPowerInIdeal the mininum power of a polynomial is an ideal
mod remainder for integers
moebius Moebius function of a poset
multiplicity the multiplicity (degree) of a ring
NextPrime, NextProbPrime find the next prime number
NmzVerbosityLevel Get the verbosity level for Normaliz
num numerator
NumBChambers number of bounded chambers of an arrangement of hyperplanes
NumChambers number of chambers of an arrangement of hyperplanes
NumCols number of columns in a matrix
NumCompts the number of components
NumGens number of generators
NumIndets number of indeterminates
NumPartitions number of partitions of an integer
NumRealRoots number of real roots of a polynomial
NumRows number of rows in a matrix
NumTerms number of terms in a polynomial
PosetNRank rank of the node N from the relations of the graded poset
PosetRank rank of the poset from its relations
power compute a power
PowerMod compute a modular power efficiently
PrevPrime, PrevProbPrime find the previous prime number
PrimitiveRoot find a primitive root modulo a prime
primorial primorial function
radical radical of an ideal
random random integer
reg Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of a module
RegularityIndex regularity index of a Hilbert function or series
RingID identification for ring
rk rank of a matrix or module
round round to integer
ScalarProduct scalar product
sign the sign of a number
SmallestNonDivisor find smallest prime which does not divide an integer
SystemCommand run a system command
TimeOfDay the current time
UnivariateIndetIndex the index of the indeterminate of a univariate polynomial
VerbosityLevel verbosity level