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1.8.5 Commands and Functions for IO
The following are commands and functions for input/output:
block group several commands into a single command
close close an output stream
CloseLog close a log of a CoCoA session
format convert object to formatted string
GetLine read a line of input from an in-stream
latex LaTeX formatting
NewFreeModule create a new FreeModule
NewLine [OBSOLESCENT] [OBSOLESCENT] string containing a newline
OpenIFile open input file
OpenIString open input string
OpenLog open a log of a CoCoA session
OpenOFile open output file
OpenOString open output string
OpenSocket open a socket connection
print print the value of an expression
print on print to an output stream
println print the value of an expression
source read commands from a file or device
SourceRegion read commands from a region in a file
sprint convert to a string
SprintTrunc convert to a string and truncate
tag returns the tag string of an object
tagged tag an object for pretty printing
untagged untag an object