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UniversalGBasis    --    universal Groebner basis of the input ideal

UniversalGBasis(I: IDEAL): LIST of RINGELEM

Returns a universal Groebner basis of the input IDEAL I .

This function was called UniversalGroebnerBasis up to version CoCoA-5.1.4.

-- The ideal generated by the 3x3 minors of 3x4 matrix of indeterminates
-- has 96 marked reduced Groebner bases
/**/  use R ::= QQ[a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l];
/**/  I := ideal(minors(mat([[a,b,c,d],[e,f,g,h],[i,j,k,l]]),3));
/**/  indent(UniversalGBasis(I));
[d*g*j -c*h*j -d*f*k +b*h*k +c*f*l -b*g*l,
 d*g*i -c*h*i -d*e*k +a*h*k +c*e*l -a*g*l,
 d*f*i -b*h*i -d*e*j +a*h*j +b*e*l -a*f*l,
 c*f*i -b*g*i -c*e*j +a*g*j +b*e*k -a*f*k

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