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Tutorial-06: rings, polynomials, use command

Tutorial-06: rings, polynomials, use command


Tutorial-06 for CoCoA-5

When you want to do a computation in CoCoA-5, the first thing you need to do is tell CoCoA-5 in which ring to compute. The use command informs CoCoA-5 about this. The most convenient method does two things at once: it creates the polynomial ring, and then chooses that ring as the "current ring".

Once the correct current ring has been selected, you may type in polynomials using a natural syntax (with the caveat that you must use * to denote all products (e.g. between coefficients and indeterminates, or even between powers of indeterminates).

The most common coefficient fields are the rationals (denoted QQ ) and small prime finite fields (denoted ZZ/(p) ).
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