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sort a list

SortBy(L: LIST, LessThanFunc: FUNCTION)

This function sorts the elements of the list in L in increasing order with respect to the comparisons made by LessThanFunc ; it overwrites L and returns NULL .

The comparison function LessThanFunc takes two arguments and returns True if the first argument is less than the second, otherwise it returns False . The sorted list is in increasing order.

Note that to call SortBy(L,LessThanFunc) inside a function you will need to make the name LessThanFunc accessible using TopLevel LessThanFunc;

Note that if both LessThanFunc(A, B) and LessThanFunc(B, A) return true , then A and B are viewed as being equal.

/**/  Define LessThanLen(S, T)    -- define the sorting function
/**/    Return len(S) < len(T);
/**/  EndDefine;

/**/  L := ["bird", "mouse", "cat", "elephant"];
/**/  SortBy(ref L, LessThanLen);
/**/  L;
["cat", "bird", "mouse", "elephant"]

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