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SmoothFactor    --    find small prime factors of an integer

SmoothFactor(N: INT, MaxP: INT): RECORD

This function finds the small prime factors of an integer. It simply tries dividing by all primes up to the given bound MaxP . The result is a list of the prime factors found together with the unfactored part of N . Be careful about supplying large values for MaxP (e.g. greater than a million) as the function could take a very long time.

From version 5.0.4 the field are called factors and multiplicities instead of Factors and Exponents to comply with the naming conventions.

/**/  SmoothFactor(100,3);
record[factors := [2], multiplicities := [2], RemainingFactor := 25]

/**/  SmoothFactor(123456789,3700);
record[factors := [3, 3607], multiplicities := [2, 1], RemainingFactor := 3803]

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