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ReloadMan    --    Reload CoCoAManual/CoCoAHelp.xml

ReloadMan(ListOfFiles: LIST)

This function reloads the xml source of the manual CoCoAHelp.xml (in directory CoCoAManual ) and the optional list of manual extensions: it recreates the internal manual index in a running CoCoA-5.

Some details: after adding a new entry, the index needs updating. But if the change is just in the description of an existing entry (so the internal index is still valid) there is no need to reload the manual because the descriptions are always read from disk.

NOTE: This function is useful for those who develop a CoCoA package and want to test/add/offer its manual in proper CoCoA style. Such manual extensions will be included in CoCoAHelp.xml if the package is generously offered for distribution with CoCoA :-)

/**/ ReloadMan();  // reloads the official manual only
/**/ // for loading manual extensions, official manual+ file1 + file2:
/**/ ReloadMan(["path1/file1.xml", "path2/file2.xml"]);