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PlayCantStop    --    First game in CoCoA

PlayCantStop(Player1: STRING, Player2: STRING, ...)

This is an interactive game! (see GetLine ).

Rules at https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/41/cant-stop In brief, this is actually in the mountain scenario: you have 3 sherpas which are climbing a mountain. After each 4-die roll, if you can, you move your sherpas up. Then you decide if you stop and estabish your base camps for following turns, or if you chance your luck, and roll the 4 dice again and again. If you cannot move, your sherpas fall off the mountain, and that ends your turn.

The game can be played with human players and/or computer players. The computer players are: ComputerTest : stupid strategy; ComputerAnna1 : close to 7 and 50% strategy; ComputerAnna : more human-like choices ;-).

--  PlayCantStop("Dave", "Diane", "Joy", "Cole");
--  4 humans
--  PlayCantStop("ComputerAnna", "ComputerTest", "Anna");
--  2 computer2 + 1 human
--  PlayCantStop("ComputerAnna", "ComputerTest", "ComputerAnna1");
--  3 computers ;-)

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