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create a new twin-float ring

NewRingTwinFloat(Prec: INT): RING

Create a new twin-float ring with bit precision Prec .

NOTE: calling twice NewRingTwinFloat will produce two different rings, even with identical arguments, since the equality test for rings is performed on the pointers: see manual entry for RingID .

For more information see the article: John Abbott, "Twin-float arithmetic", Journal of Symbolic Computation, Volume 47 (2012), 536--551.

/**/  RR32 := NewRingTwinFloat(32);
/**/  use RR32[x];
/**/  (3*x-1)/3;
x -0.3333333333333333333

/**/  RR64 := NewRingTwinFloat(64);
/**/ use RR64[x];
/**/  (3*x-1)/3;
x -0.333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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