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? key
?? key

These operators are used to search the online help system for information matching a keyword (introduced in CoCoA 4.2).

The commands have the form ?key and ??key where key is a literal string without quotes. The search for the key is case insensitive and ignores blank space before or after key . Also, the semicolon usually required at the end of a line of CoCoA input is optional.

The search system is fairly simple. The searching algorithm looks through the title and keywords of each manual page. A page matches if key appears as a (case-insensitive) substring of the title/keywords.

The ?? form prints the list of all matches. The ? form prints the page matching exactly if there is one, otherwise it prints the list of all matches.

/**/ ?approxs
--============[ ApproxSolve ]=============--
--> ApproxSolve(L: LIST of RINGELEM): LIST of LIST of RAT

This function returns the list of real solutions (points) of a
... ... ...

/**/ ?approx
--====<  No exact match for "approx"  >====--
All 9 matches for "approx":
 ? ApproxPointsNBM
 ? ApproxSolve
 ... ... ...