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InverseSystem    --    Inverse system of an ideal of derivations

InverseSystem(I: IDEAL, D: INT): LIST of RINGELEM

Thanks to Enrico Carlini.

Given an ideal of derivations I , and an integer D , this function computes the degree D part of the inverse system of I .

For the sake of simplicity Forms/Polynomials and Derivations live in the same ring, the distinction between them is purely formal.

/**/  use QQ[x,y,z];
/**/  InverseSystem(ideal(x^3+x*y*z), 3);
[z^3, y*z^2, x*z^2, y^2*z, x^2*z, y^3, x*y^2, x^2*y, x^3 - 6*x*y*z]

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