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GroebnerFanReducedGBases    --    Groebner fan reduced GBases

GroebnerFanReducedGBases(I: IDEAL): LIST of IDEAL

This function returns a list of all reduced GBases. It is good for visualizing small examples; however, for further computations with the different bases it is better to use GroebnerFanIdeals or CallOnGroebnerFanIdeals .

/**/ use R ::= QQ[a,b,c];
/**/ I := ideal(b^2-1, a^2+c-1, c^2-b);
/**/ indent(GroebnerFanReducedGBases(I));
  [c^2 -b, b^2 -1, a^2 +c -1],
  [b -c^2, a^2 +c -1, c^4 -1],
  [c +a^2 -1, b -a^4 +2*a^2 -1, a^8 -4*a^6 +6*a^4 -4*a^2],
  [c +a^2 -1, b^2 -1, a^4 -b -2*a^2 +1]

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