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GBasisTimeout    --    compute a Groebner basis with a timeout

GBasisTimeout(I: IDEAL, TimeLimit: INT): LIST
GBasisTimeout(M: MODULE, TimeLimit: INT): LIST

Same as GBasis , but it will stop with an error if the computation is not completed within the specified time limit (in seconds).

ONLY PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED: only for ideals. It is not yet possible to resume the computation; you must restart it from the beginning.

For dealing with errors see try .

/**/  use R ::= QQ[t,x,y,z];
/**/  I := ideal(t^3-x, t^4-y, t^5-z);
/**/  J := I^5;
-- /**/ G := GBasisTimeout(J, 0.1); --> !!! ERROR !!! as expected
ERROR: Computation exceeded given time limit
/**/  J := I^5;  G := GBasisTimeout(J, 10); --> OK

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