International School on Computer Algebra

Hotel Corte Rosada
Porto Conte, Italy
23-26 May, 2005


The International School
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The plans for the COCOA's Fourth International School on Computer Algebra have been moving along and we are now in a position to be more precise about the details.

The main sponsor of the school is Shell International Exploration and Production (SIEP), Rijswijk (NLD).


Monday May 23, 2005 - Thursday, May 26, 2005

All the students accepted for the school are expected to arrive on Sunday, May 22 at the Hotel Corte Rosada. We will meet Monday morning at 8 am in the lecture hall of the hotel.

Classes in the school will begin promptly at 8:30 am on Monday morning. Be prepared for an intensive 4 days of study and work!

The School will end with Thursday morning's minicourse. Students wishing to stay for the MEGA conference will have to make their own arrangements with the organizers of MEGA05. Conference location is the same for the CoCoA School and the MEGA conference.

Following the very successful format we have used for previous schools, there will be two intensive courses (6 hours of instruction in each) plus tutorials (6 hours for each course) Monday-Wednesday as well as a minicourse (2 hours for the course plus 2 hours for the tutorial) on Thursday. We are delighted that the following excellent researchers and instructors have agreed to give the courses:

Course 1 Juan Migliore Experiments in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry tutor: Martin Kreuzer
Course 2 Serkan Hosten The Combinatorics of Syzygies tutor: Anna Bigatti
Minicourse John Abbott Modular methods in CoCoA

In addition we will have the support of Massimo Caboara.

It goes without saying that the tutorials are an integral part of the school and all students are expected to attend them. The tutorials in the School will all use CoCoA. There are no computers available in the Hotel, so it is essential that you bring a portable computer with you. You will also need the appropriate adaptor plug for Italy. Please be sure to download CoCoA to your computer before arriving at the School. We will not have an Internet connection during the School.

Every participating student will receive a certificate attesting to his or her participation in the School.

We want to remind you that the book by Kreuzer and Robbiano is a good introduction to the material of the courses.

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School schedule

The work for the courses will be scheduled as follows on Monday-Wednesday:

Course 1 8:30-9.15 9:30-10:15
Course 2 11:00-11:45 12:00-12:45
Tutorials 16:00-19:15

The schedule for Thursday is:

Minicourse 9:00-9:45 10:00-10:45
Tutorials 11:15-12:45

Poster Session

We are also planning a Poster Session for Tuesday evening. Any participant of the school who wishes to prepare a poster for that evening is welcome to do so. Please limit your posters to four A4 pages.

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The school will be held at Hotel Corte Rosada, a sea resort in Porto Conte (Alghero).
Shuttle will be available from Alghero Airport to the Hotel.

Some Pictures of the Hotel
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