International School on Algebraic Statistics


February 17-20, 2003


GROSTAT is a series of workshop devoted to the use of Computational Commutative Algebra in Statistics and Probability .

This is the 6th workshop in the Grostat series which began at Warwick. This is our 3rd visit to Menton. We are very grateful for the support of  the Department STID.

The mission of GROSTAT is to bring together statisticians and algebraists with an emphasis on symbolic computation. We have learnt over the years that the application Groebner basis in statistics is simply the core of a much wider program which takes into account other important constructions and applications: Hilbert functions, classical factorial designs, differential algebras and specialised algorithms for zero-dimensional ideals. We are proud of some real successes which include solving outstanding problems in experimental design, the application to main stream probability and statistics, reliability and differential equations. We are lucky to have been able to take the conference to other centers and have increased the involvement of the wider international community. This was well represented by the very successful GROSTAT-V in New Orleans. The application of toric ideals to graphical models is very significant and should provide the foundation for long term research program. Despite the wide range of activity and increasing participation, we have been able to maintain the intimate and informal atmosphere at the workshop, so that approximately every year we were able to regenerate our ideas and maintain our momentum. We look forward to seeing everyone in wonderful Menton.

Previous sessions were: GROSTAT-I (Warwick UK), GROSTAT-II (Menton FR), GROSTAT-III (Eindhoven NL), GROSTAT-IV (Menton FR),   GROSTAT-V (New Orleans LA). 

The workshop is by invitation only. The workshop consists mainly of informal discussions. There will be neither contributed papers nor proceedings. There is no registration fee and accomodation expenses of invited participants are covered by the organizers. Participants are asked to cover their own travel expences.

Next meeting will be in

Menton France, February 19-20, 2003

at the Department STID of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

List of participants and talks


Abstracts and slides

For the first time, the Workshop will be supplemented with the

First International School on Algebraic Statistics,
same location, February 17-18.

The School is directed to researchers and graduate students interested in up-to-date information given by known experts of this new exciting field.

There is space for at most 20 participants who should currently be enrolled in a doctoral programme or be recent post doctoral fellows. All students who are accepted for admission to the School will receive a scholarship which will cover all the local expenses associated with their participation (no travel expenses will be covered).

List of the accepted students


There will be two main courses.

Lorenzo Robbiano Hilbert Functions tutor: Anna Bigatti
Giovanni Pistone &
Henry P. Wynn
Statistical Toric Models tutor: Fabio Rapallo

A computer room (Windows) will be available for the tutorials, but if you prefer to use your own portable computer (any OS) then we suggest you install CoCoA ( and MatLab. Please let us know if you're bringing your laptop so that we can have table and sockets available for you.

Tutorials by Fabio Rapallo: simul.m chisq.m ToricToMat.coc tutorial.pdf (updated Feb 12)

  • Anna Bigatti,
  • Alessandro Di Bucchianico,
  • Ian Dinwoodie,
  • Giovanni Pistone,
  • Fabio Rapallo,
  • Eva Riccomagno,
  • Lorenzo Robbiano,
  • Maria Piera Rogantin,
  • Henry P. Wynn
For information about the school contact Maria Piera Rogantin ( or Lorenzo Robbiano (

For information about accomodation contact Fabio Rapallo (rapallo@dima.unige).