COmputational COmmutative Algebra
International School on Computer Algebra

Universidad de Cádiz (Spain)
2-7 June, 2003


Dear Friends,

This is just to advise you that the 8th edition of the COCOA Conference along with the 3rd edition of the International School on Computer Algebra will take place at the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, a Faculty of the Universidad de Cádiz (Spain), during the week beginning Sunday June 1, 2003.

Scientific organizers: Francisco Castro, Tony Geramita, Tomas Recio, Lorenzo Robbiano.

Local organizer: Maria Angeles Moreno Frias.

The School will begin on Monday June 2 and end on Thursday morning, June 5. The COCOA Conference will begin on Thursday afternoon and finish at midday on Saturday, June 7.

There will be two main courses and one minicourse.

Course A: Gregor Kemper Computational Invariant Theory tutor: Alessio Del Padrone
Course B: Martin Kreuzer Computing in Multigraded Structures tutor: Adam Van Tuyl
Minicourse: Jose María Ucha Computational Aspects of D-Modules  

You will be getting more details about scholarships available for students wanting to participate in the School as well as more information about both the school and the conference.

If there are people you think should be put on our mailing list for future announcements, please let us know and we will add them.

Looking foward to seeing you at Cádiz next summer.

Best regards,

Francisco Castro, Tony Geramita, Tomas Recio, Lorenzo Robbiano