COmputational COmmutative Algebra
International School on Computer Algebra

Universidad de Cádiz (Spain)
2-7 June, 2003


The Eight Edition of the biennial COCOA meeting will take place this coming June at the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas Y Empresariales, Universidad de Cádiz, located in the city of Cádiz in the south of Spain.

This year we will continue in the very successful format which was initiated in the last two meetings (Torino 1999 and Kingston 2001): the meeting COCOA VIII will be preceded by a three and a half day intensive School on Computer Algebra, offered to a limited number of doctoral students and recent post doctoral fellows. The School will be followed by two and a half days of the COCOA meeting in its usual format, i.e. invited lectures, communications, and demonstrations of computer algebra systems.

Scientific organizers: Francisco Castro, Tony Geramita, Tomas Recio, Lorenzo Robbiano.

Local organizer: Maria Angeles Moreno Frias.


Monday June 2, 2003 - Thursday, June 5, 2003

There will be two intensive courses and one Minicourse offered in the School:

Course A: Gregor Kemper Computational Invariant Theory tutor: Alessio Del Padrone
Course B: Martin Kreuzer Computing in Multigraded Structures tutor: Adam Van Tuyl
Minicourse: Jose María Ucha Computational Aspects of D-Modules tutor: María Isabel Hartillo

In addition we will have the support of John Abbott, Begoña Baron, Anna Bigatti, Massimo Caboara and Alberto Vigneron.

Each course will run for approximately 6 hours, and to that will be added the tutorials for the courses. In addition there will be assistance available to aid in the use of the computer algebra systems CoCoA.

Participants who own laptops are encouraged to bring them for use during the tutorials. The CoCoA software is available for installation by downloading it from the CoCoA web page,

Those accepted to participate in the school are expected to arrive in Cádiz on Sunday, June 1 (the courses will begin on Monday morning) and remain at least until midday on Thursday, June 5. All participants in the School are encouraged (but not obligated) to remain for the COCOA VIII meeting, which will begin during the afternoon of June 5.


There is space in the school for at most 20 participants, who should currently be enrolled in a doctoral programme somewhere in the world or be recent postdoctoral fellows. All students who are accepted for admission to the School will receive a scholarship which will cover all lodging expenses associated with their participation. Those wishing to participate in the School should submit a LETTER OF APPLICATION to either Lorenzo Robbiano or Tony Geramita.

The Letter of Application should include the applicant's CV as well as the applicant's reasons for wanting to take part in the school. There should also be included the (email) address of one mathematician who can act as referee for the application.

Applications should be submitted by March 15, 2003 and the final decisions about scholarships will be made before the end of March by the Scientific Organizers.


Thursday, June 5, 2003 - Saturday June 7, 2003

The COCOA VIII meeting will formally begin on Thursday afternoon (June 5) and continue until Saturday afternoon (June 7).

The invited speakers are: (abstracts)

DeLoera, Jesus Toric Rational Functions and their applications in Combinatorics, Statistics and Optimization
Kemper, Gregor Invariant Theory and Computer Vision
Kreuzer, Martin Multigraded Structures in Polynomial Rings
Parillo, Pablo Real Algebra and Convex Optimization
Pfister, Gerhardt Computer Algebra and Group Theory
Stillman, Mike The Algebraic Geometry of Bayesian Networks
Thomas, Rekha Simplicial Complexes, Generic Initial Ideals and Combinatorics

There is space in the programme for a limited number of research communications and demonstrations. We encourage potential speakers to submit abstracts (in standard LaTeX or Plain TeX) for consideration by the organizers. These should be submitted by email to either Tony Geramita or Lorenzo Robbiano.


Practical information about hotels, tourism etc. can be found at


Cádiz is easily accessible by train, plane, bus or car. See


The business of the conference and school, as well as the lodging of all the conference and school participants, will be dealt with by the local organizer, Prof. Maria Angeles Moreno-Frias ( In particular a number of hotel rooms have been booked, up to April 15, 2003, at reduced rates for participants.

More information about costs, accommodations, method of payment, registration fees for the meeting etc. will come in the next announcement.