COmputational COmmutative Algebra
International School on Computer Algebra

Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, Canada
16-21 July 2001

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First Announcement

First Announcement
4 May, 2001

Second Announcement

The plans for both the International School and for the 7th biannual COCOA Meeting have been moving along and we are now in a position to be more precise about the details of both the Conference and the School.

The main sponsors for both the school and the conference are the Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche e Geometriche e loro Applicazioni (GNSAGA) of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica "Francesco Severi" (INDAM), the University of Genoa, Queen's University and the Consiglio Nazionale di Ricerche (CNR) of Italy.

The International School

All the students accepted for the school are expected to arrive on Sunday, July 15 at the Victoria Hall Dormitory of Queen's University (see the campus map). We will meet Monday morning at 8:30 am in the main lobby of Jeffery Hall (the math building - see the campus map) and proceed from there to the lecture halls.

Classes in the school will begin promptly at 9:00 am on Monday morning. Be prepared for an intensive 4 days of study and work!

Course A: Applications of Computer Algebra - Tomas Recio and Laureano Gonzalez Vega.

Course B: Computational Commutative Algebra - Chris Peterson

The work for the courses will be scheduled as follows on Monday-Thursday:

9:00-9:45 10:00-10:45 Course A
11:15-12:00 12:15-13:00 Course B

The afternoons will be devoted to tutorials and additional discussions as follows:

15:00-16:30 Course A
17:00-18:30 Course B

We want to remind you that the tutorials in the School will all use CoCoA. We recommend, if possible, that you bring a portable computer with you. Having your own portable will give you lots more freedom during the tutorials.

The first day we will have a short introduction to CoCoA given by Anna Bigatti (at 14:30-15:00). Following that we will begin the main tutorials. The tutorial leaders will be Gemma Diaz for Course A and Martin Kreuzer for Course B. Helpers with the tutorials will be John Abbott, Anna Bigatti, Massimo Caboara, Martin Kreuzer, Gemma Diaz and Dave Perkinson.

It goes without saying that the tutorials are an integral part of the school and all students are expected to attend them.

Every participating student will receive a certificate attesting to his or her participation in the School.

The School will end with Thursday morning's lectures. Any student wishing to stay longer in the Victoria Hall Dormitory (and that includes staying on Thursday night) will have to have made separate arrangements with the dormitory. All students are welcome to stay for the conference.

The students accepted to attend the school are:

Athale, Rahul RISC <>
Auerbach, Ruth Univ. of Maryland <>
Bazzotti, Laura Univ. of Florence <>
Buckles, Mark Univ. of Notre Dame <>
Carlini, Enrico University of Pavia
Coolen, Brian Queen's Univ. <coolen@mast.QueensU.CA>
Cooper, Susan Queen's Univ.
Coughlin, Heather Univ. of Oregon <>
Crispin, Veronica Univ. of Stockholm <>
Dalzotto, Giorgio Univ. of Florence <>
DelPadrone, Alessio Univ. of Genoa <>
Elitzur, Haggai Univ. of Michigan <>
Gold, Leah Cornell Univ. <>
Gorla, Elisa Univ. of Notre Dame
Guardo, Elena Univ. of Catania
Hartillo, Isabel Univ. of Cadiz <>
Hernandes, Marcelo Univ. of Sao Paolo <>
Holm, Par Univ. of Stockholm <>
Larsson, Anna Univ. of Stockholm <>
Li, Ping Queen's Univ.
Okland, Jan-Magnus Univ. of Bergen <>
Perez, Sonia Univ. of Alcala <>
Sabourin, Sindi Queen's Univ.
Sevilla, David Univ. of Catabria <>
Striuli, Janet Univ. of Kansas <>
VanTuyl, Adam Queen's Univ. vantuyl@mast.QueensU.CA
Arnold, Elizabeth Texas A&M <>
Chipalkatti, Jaydeep Queen's Univ.
Kim, Jonggu Chonnam Nat'l Univ. <>
Kotsireas, Ilias ORCCA <>
Moreno-Frias, Maria Univ. of Cadiz <>
Mosteig, Ed Tulane Univ. <>
Traves, William U.S. Naval Acad. <>
Taylor, Amelia Rutgers <>

We want to remind you that the book by Kreuzer and Robbiano is a good introduction to the material of the courses.

The COCOA VII Conference

The conference proper will begin on Thursday afternoon, July 19, 2001 and finish at midday Saturday, July 21, 2001. The following have accepted invitations to give one hour presentations at the conference.

Alicia Dickenstein Jean-Charles Faugere
Serkan Hosten Gregor Kemper
Juan Migliore Stephen Watt

We will adjoin the abstracts for the talk as we receive them.

If there is sufficient interest, we are ready to organize a "poster session" for Thursday evening which will give people an opportunity to discuss their work with other interested participants at the conference. Please let us know (at the latest) by June 1 if you are interested in participating in such a session. If we receive a brief abstract (at most 1 side of one page) at the latest by June 15, 2001, we will collect them in a booklet which will be distributed to all participants. Anyone needing an invitation to present such a poster can contact either of the scientific organizers for it.

We are also leaving open an opportunity for demonstrations of computer algebra software. Anyone interested in making such a presentation should let us know as soon as possible and, in any case, no later than June 1, 2001.


Please use the name of the conference (i.e. COCOA) when making reservation at any of the following locations. There are rooms being put aside specifically for our use, up to the deadlines given.

Kingston is a busy tourist town in the summer and we recommend that you make your reservations quickly.
HotelAddressPricereserve by
Victoria Hall Dormitory Phone: 613-533-2223
(includes breakfast, parking)
Double 31.09 per person,
Single 52.02.
June 18
Motel Super8 720 Princess St. (10 minutes walk)
Phone: 613-542-7395
Double (for 2 people) 79.50 + tax ($5 each additional person)

Single 69 + tax
75.50 + tax for dbl. occupancy
May 31
Howard Johnson 237 Ontario St. (waterfront)
(20 minutes walk)
Phone: 613-549-6300
Single: 139.00 + tax May 31
Ramada Inn (waterfront)
(20 minutes walk)
Phone: 1-888-548-6726
Single occupancy 143.00 + tax

Double occupancy 158.00 + tax
June 18
Phone: 1-888-478-4333
(rooms only for Wed. Thurs. and Friday)
Single or double occupancy 154.00 + tax June 18

See also
There are also many bed & breakfast places in Kingston.

Registration Fees:

There will be a registration fee of $230 CDN ($130 for students) of which $30 covers the cost of the banquet and is refundable for anyone not taking part in the banquet on Friday evening.

The fee is payable the first day of the conference and payment can be accepted only in Canadian Dollars (cash).


There will be a banquet on Friday evening July 20, 2001. It is a Sunset Dinner Cruise aboard the Island Star and will take the participants into the Thousand Islands.

Boarding of the Island Star begins at 6:00 pm with departure scheduled for 6:30 pm sharp. The dock is alongside the Howard Johnson Hotel. Extra banquet tickets, up to the limits of space on the ship, can be purchased for $50 CDN at the registration and payment for these tickets can only be accepted in Canadian Dollars (cash).

How to Get To Queen's University:

The web page of Queen's University offers good advice for how to arrive at the Queen's University campus. It is perhaps worth noting that the Norman Rogers airport is the airport of Kingston and there are several flights daily from Toronto. There is only one train station in Kingston and many cabs can take you from there to the Victoria Hall Dormitory or other locations in the city.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kingston,

A.V. Geramita, T. Recio, L. Robbiano