Lessons from the past II

• 1953
Kahrimanian, H. G.: “Analytical differentiation by a digital computer”, M. A. Thesis. Temple U. Philadelphia, USA. (Programmed in Assembler, UNIVAC I)

Nolan, J.F.: “Analytical differentiation on a digital computer”, M. Sc. Tesis. MIT, Cambridge, Mass. (Programmed for Whirlwind I).

•Charles Delaunay, 1847, 10 years of computing, 10 years of verification.

Two volumes, published in 1867.

Andre Deprit, Jaques Henrard, Arnold Brom,

Boeing Scientific Research. Lab. 1970.

Macsyma, 20 hours, 9 months including program.

Three mistakes in Delaunay's computations.

James Craig Award, National Academy of Sciences 1972.

• ”these programs do in a few brief minutes virtually all mathematics that most engineers and scientists know” (Science News, 1981)

”several classes of problems which require analytical and not numerical solution have been tackled successfully” (Nature, 1981)

”it calculates and graphically displays, in either two or three dimensions, virtually any formula or expression” (New York Times, 1988).